How can I make tech notes available to others?

By on February 3, 2019 - Opinion

One of the reasons I don’t update this site as often as I should is that I’m not sure just how useful it is to others. I want to find a way to make useful information more available. I’d really like to hear your feedback if there are channels I haven’t outlined below:

  • Putting information on your own website is easy and effective, but it feels like to a branch falling deep in the forest. Only those very near will ever hear it.
  • Past history has been to utilize major social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc). Unfortunately, it has been shown that centralization in the hands of commercial entities is not in the publisher or reader’s best interest.
  • Most tech-oriented publications have found that FUD or shock value articles are much more effective from a profit standpoint than actual technical content.

Is there a place where I can provide value in written format to others? I’m not looking for money, just want it to be available/found. I would likely be able to send a minimum of 2 submissions a month.