Puppet Best Practices

By on January 21, 2019 -

Puppet Best Practices

Puppet Best Practices: Design Patterns for Maintainable Code

This collaboration between Chris Barbour and myself is now available for online reading at Safari Books Online

Offline versions can be found at:

If you purchase an electronic version, you will receive updates to the book as best practices in Puppet evolve.

You can read the cover copy at O’Reilly, so here is my personal straight up nutshell. This is a book about scars: how to avoid them, and how to learn from them when avoidance isn’t possible. It’s a summarization and encapsulation of all the scars earned and reported back by the community, along with straightforward advice on best-in-class implementations. This is on the nose, head on advice for anyone working with, or planning to work with, Puppet.

If you work with Puppet daily and don’t get the book’s cost in value back to you, I’ll pay you back myself.

That’s a friendly offer to well-meaning professionals who use Puppet and bought the book to help them up their game. I’ll pay if you take some time to help us understand where this book failed to hit the mark for you. Attempts to game this offer will be reposted and mocked publicly.