Rethinking Netconsonance

By on May 16, 2012 - News

Net Consonance was originally a full time consulting business. We did a lot of network and internet design work for companies. We put a lot of effort into improving open source software, and sending the improvements back upstream.

Over time each of the Net Consonance engineers has ended up with full time employment at various companies. There is no longer a dedicated office for Net Consonance, and we have no fulltime employees. Was it time for us to retire the brand? Where would we put the various efforts that we have all continued to work on?

In the end, we decided it was best to keep Net Consonance around, but to redesign the site as a resource to better support the work we are doing today. In addition to private consulting, Netconsonance will be a community hub for work extending and improving open source and internet projects.