How technology improves our fail

By on June 26, 2014 - Opinion Tags:

When I try to use my phone in a natural and effective manner, how it knows so much better than me what I need. How it shows me the better path of disconnection and confusion. Nothing is better than backing up and retyping a word time and time again. My exact and correct spelling is so much less entertaining than the nonsense words my phone would prefer to send.

Voice detection technologies improve our life quality in so many ways. I remember this every time someone uses Robin or Siri to find a restaurant and make a reservation. They receive more quality time on the sidewalk negotiating carefully with their phone. I lack quality time as I’ve gotten a map from my phone and already driving. Susan used a physical map, drove there, and is seated already.

Keyboard autopredict has improved the recipient’s life too. It reminds us how clear communication is unimportant. It allows us to stop work to play quick games where we guess what every third word was supposed to be. I’ve improved my vocabulary so much since autopredict.

Robin reminds me to stay present in my life. It tells me loudly every time I stop or start my car that I’m operating in “Car mode”, as I wouldn’t have noticed without that interruption. It speaks up in business meetings chanting “Car mode is off. Car mode is on.” repeatedly. It prompts a zen state, showing us nothing we were discussing was important anyway.

When I hit a traffic backup on the highway, Robin gives me the opportunity to argue with it at length. Arguing with Robin or Siri is so much better than providing an alternate route, or notifying contacts that my arrival is delayed. I never arrive at my destination frustrated by traffic.

Yes, technology has improved my life. Never mind the microtech parts still bouncing after impact on the wall.