By on January 21, 2019 -

The following are books I have written or co-written:

  • Puppet Best Practices - This is a book about scars: how to avoid them, and how to learn from them when avoidance isn't possible. It's a summarization and encapsulation of all the scars earned and reported back by the community, along with straightforward advice on best-in-class implementations. This is on the nose, head on advice for anyone working with, or planning to work with, Puppet.
  • Learning Puppet 4 - Through hands-on tutorials, I demonstrate how to use Puppet to manage complex and distributed components to ensure service availability. You’ll learn how to secure configuration consistency across servers, clients, your router, and even that computer in your pocket by setting up your own testing environment. Covers Puppet 4, 5, and 6.
  • Learning MCollective - Orchestrate change across server clusters in near realtime with MCollective, a framework that works in concert with Puppet, Chef, and other configuration management tools. Ideal for system administrators and operations or DevOps engineers at any level, this hands-on guide teaches you to build and maintain a real installation of MCollective servers and clients in your environment.
  • Puppet 3 Starter - Instant Puppet 3 Starter helps new users get up and running at a good pace. It focuses on avoiding common problems during installation. It helps you build out a basic policy useful for deploying puppet in your environment. Then it goes through the process of building a custom puppet module. And most importantly, it goes over ways to express your thoughts in policy, and how to design your modules for widespread application.