By on May 15, 2012 -

What is Co-Sourcing?

Co-Sourcing is an idea Net Consonance pioneered. Rather than creating a dependence on an external resource, Co-sourcing is the process of working with partners to quickly implement technology initiatives while retaining control of the process.

Keep control of your processes, keep your knowledge base in-house while leveraging experts best suited to achieve your goal.

Turn Technology Resources into Business Capacity

Outsourcing can offer a satisfactory but short-term solution to implement new technology. However you remain dependant on the service provider, with little in-house knowledge. The alternative is to keep the business process in-house, but this often strains the available resources.

With every business struggling to accomplish more with reduced staff and smaller budgets, co-sourcing provides a well-balanced equilibrium. You retain in-house knowledge and control, while gaining expert resources to help you complete your projects in a timely manner.

Benefits of Co-sourcing

  • Increased productivity: Experts in the technology make new deployments painless. Your staff remains active and able to focus on existing priorities.
  • Cost savings: The solution is built to your technology standards, and snaps into your existing environment. No new vendors, new contracts or forklift upgrades.
  • Control: Your staff participates in each step of the process, ensuring your ability to support the final solution. All implementations include full documentation.