By on May 15, 2012 -

The things which are essential to integrating technology successfully:

Philosophy: Technology itself has no purpose. It must meet your needs and enhance your work. Technology which distracts and frustrates the user from their job has negative value.

Co-sourcing Approach: The best technology implementations align with your needs and practices. Some technologies are best leveraged within the company, while others are best handled by experienced experts on an as-need basis. The organization retains control of the process, the technology and the data. The experts leverage their expertise to expand, not limit, your technology initiatives.

Seamless Integration: Technology adoption should be a seamless component of an overall plan. Always use a process-driven approach to integrate open source technology within your existing workflow.

Return on Investment: Open Source can save money in upfront licensing fees, but can also have extensive time and frustration costs when not properly chosen or implemented. Be prepared to hire or allocate engineers to tune open source projects to meet your needs. Return your improvements to the upstream project whenever possible.