Cacti Template for ITWatchdogs Goose Products

By on September 29, 2013 - Geekery

So I’ve recently been moving a bunch of hand-built RRD queries into Cacti for a customer. One of the problems I had was that none of the published templates for the ITWatchdogs Goose units worked, either due to missing XML files, old OIDs, or just plain incorrect setup in the template.

I’ve built a new template by hand and it now finds internal sensors, external temp sensors, and external airflow sensors for you. If you examine the XML files included and compare to the MIB you could easily add more of the sensors.

Installation is easy: (obviously replace /usr/share/cacti with your installation directory)

tar xvzf itwatchdogs-goose-cacti-template.tgz
mv *.xml /usr/share/cacti/resources/snmp_queries/

Then Import the template into Cacti, and start defining your devices!