Dynamic DNS Update with IPv6 in Homebrew

By on September 27, 2018 - Geekery Tags: , ,

I’ve created patches so that troglobit/inadyn compiles on Mac, and offered them a Homebrew Formula too. The formula will be added to Homebrew core when v2.5 stable is released. If you want to try it out now, you can install from HEAD using the repo tap.

$ brew update
$ brew install --HEAD troglobit/inadyn/indadyn

One of the things I really like about inadyn is support for native IPv6 updates. The following config works perfectly for me to update my native IPv6 addresses with Google Domains.

period = 1800
allow-ipv6 = true

provider google {
  username = <em>provided-by-Google</em>
  password = <em>provided-by-Google</em>
  checkip-command = "ifconfig en0 |grep inet6 |grep -v temporary"

Using GNU utils on Macs for Makefile compatibility

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One problem I see often with local builds are Makefiles that use modern GNU features in common commands like sed, awk, and tar. If the product only runs on Linux, writing backwards compatible versions for the older BSD-based commands on Macs may not be an effective use of time.

A simple fix is to libexec/gnubin directory to your path as documented here: Install and Use GNU Command Line Tools on macOS. However this changes your active environment, which might break scripts expecting to run on macOS. Further, this isn’t a repeatable configuration that can be safely used by others.

A better way is to explicitly configure the GNU versions to ensure they are used during the build. Read More »

How to prevent Roku Wifi Direct from breaking 5ghz devices

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A Roku 3 or streaming stick uses Wifi Direct to communicate with the remote control. This works well… unless you intended to use your wifi for some other purpose, that is. If your Roku is near your wifi access point or between your device and the access point, you’ll experience horrible wifi connectivity. A Roku in the apartment next to you could break your wifi connectivity. People have been forced to stop using them in condos due to neighbor complaints.

Well, I’ve found the problem and how to fix it. Read More »