Key documentation for Dell’s VAS Authentication Software

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Dell’s VAS software works very well, but is under-documented and the search engine on their support site leaves much to be desired. This post is intended to link to the important documents.

To automate VAS installs using Puppet or other automation you’ll need to enable password-less joins using a keytab with credentials capable of creating the machine instance.

If the account already exists, you can use this process to get the credentials:

User Personality Mode is documented at

To use the User Personality Mode you’ll need to load the schema. This is not loaded by default. The schema is on the CD in the \windows\ldif directory. Load it in using this command:

You must specify the UPM container when joining the machine to the domain:

You can create Unix Personalities using the command line uptool

If you want to authenticate users using a one-way trust or a completely untrusted domain, you’ll need a service account to perform lookups in the domain. This is documented here:

If you can’t get a login to create a service account, you can have someone else create the service account. Once that account is created you can use this command to create the keytab necessary for oneway auth.

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